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Innovations that countTM

We develop solutions that bridge the gap between data and action.​

Our mission is to preserve the earth’s most valuable resources by bridging the gap between abundant data and meaningful action. We simplify complex technologies and unlock the full potential of IoT.

Our approach involves crafting a “soft coat” around robust systems, a process we affectionately call “friendlifying.” This adaptation makes it easier for everyone to leverage these advanced tools for practical, impactful use.

Our goal is to apply these innovations to conserve finite resources like water and energy, directly improving human lives and environmental health. At Lamarr, Inc., we’re dedicated to using technology to better our world.


The innovations we are currently counting (and working on)​

Our flagship project,®, is a first-of-its-kind water automation and management system specifically designed for rugged and rural environments.
LEARN MORE seamlessly wrangles ranch life with precision monitoring. From water flow to livestock whereabouts, ranch data is made readily accessible. features advanced sensors that detect fires sooner than traditional methods by “smelling” early signs of smoke, enhancing safety and protecting property., a comprehensive farming companion, uniting multiple solutions into one intuitive interface for streamlined farm management, all in a single click, or two.


We’ve got our seed, now we’re developing our scaling formula. Stay in touch for A!​

Since securing our seed funding in October 2023, our team has been dedicated to transitioning from gaining traction to gaining tempo. We are engaged with early channel partners to integrate into their offerings, supporting them as they introduce our solution to the market.

As we approach the next phase of our growth, we encourage investors who are interested in joining us for our A round to stay in touch. We are particularly seeking investors who bring more than just capital. Specifically, we are looking for venture capitalists with connections to SCADA companies aiming to enter underserved markets, or investors experienced in disrupting unattended sectors. We also welcome interest from partners in the LoRaWan ecosystem who are looking to expand their reach into untapped markets.